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Pool Guides

Below you can access free and useful pool resources to help you easily maintain your MagnaPool®.

You’ll also find information on how to convert your existing pool into a MagnaPool®. Simply click on the links below to view.

Download MagnaPool Information


How to maintain your MagnaPool®

Everything you need to know to keep your MagnaPool® sparkling:

  • What to do at the beginning of the season
  • Regular seasonal maintenance
  • Water testing special information
  • FAQs
  • How to use MagnaPool® magnesium test strips
  • Maintaining your MagnaPool® mineral levels

MagnaPool® retrofit conversion guide

In this conversion guide for retrofitting you will find:

  • MagnaPool® conversion kit products
  • Required mineral quantity chart
  • Required filter media quantity chart

MagnaPool® setup procedure for new installations

Magnapool® minerals safety data sheet

MagnaPool® hydroxinator Owners Manual

MagnaPool® crystallite filter media data sheet

MagnaPool® brochure

In this brochure you can learn about:

  • The MagnaPool® experience
  • The MagnaPool® story
  • Healthful aspects of MagnaPool®
  • How MagnaPool® works

The effects of MagnaPool® minerals in a domestic system

A research project commissioned in conjunction with The University of Queensland.

The flocculating effect of magnesium chloride in a MagnaPool® system

A report conducted by Griffith School of Engineering.

Testing for magnesium in your pool

Traditional pool water tests cannot tell the difference between calcium and magnesium, leading people to think they have too much calcium in their pool water. Watch the video below to learn how to use the MagnaPool® Magnesium Test Strips so you can accurately test for magnesium in your pool.

MagnaPool® is a registered trade mark of Zodiac Group Australia. Zodiac is a registered trademark of Zodiac International S.A.S.U., used under license.