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MagnaPool Mineral Pools FAQs

The history of mineral bathing and thermal pools originated in Greece over 2,000 years ago and has since been in practice for treating physical ailments, soothing skin conditions, and relaxing and rejuvenating the body. Since then, pool equipment manufacturers around the world have harnessed these properties and made the health benefits readily available to consumers in their homes.

MagnaPool® was conceived and developed in 2007 in Queensland, Australia, with the goal of creating a swimming pool that is more in harmony with nature. A pool that would be rejuvenating, refreshing, gentle on the skin and far more environmentally friendly. After several years of research and testing by some of the best minds in swimming pool water care technology, MagnaPool® was perfected and patented.

Are you looking into a MagnaPool® but have unanswered questions? We can help. Learn the answers to our most frequently asked MagnaPool® questions below.

1. Why do I have to add more bags of MagnaPool® minerals compared to traditional salt?

The minerals used in MagnaPool® are not chemically equivalent to traditional pool salt. The hygroscopic nature of magnesium chloride means that when it is added to the pool, it doesn’t deliver the same level of salinity. Whereas salt delivers a 1:1 ratio of salinity, magnesium delivers only 0.7:1, therefore more is required. As a rule of thumb, 7 bags of MagnaPool® is equivalent to 5 bags of salt. 7 bags of MagnaPool<sup>®</sup> is equivalent to 5 bags of salt2. The MagnaPool® minerals in the bag have clumped together into a solid block. Can I still use them?

Yes. This usually indicates the minerals have been exposed to air and moisture. The minerals are still fine to be used but will take longer to dissolve. Be sure to monitor and brush minerals around the pool as they dissolve to avoid a high concentration of minerals in one place. It’s good practice to let your pump run for at least 8 hours after adding minerals to the water to sufficiently circulate the minerals through the pool.

3. There is white froth on the water surface after adding the minerals. What should I do?

Don't stress, this is completely normal during the start-up process as the minerals reach equilibrium with the water. It will usually dissipate within a few hours or sometimes overnight with the pump running. This froth can sometimes leave a white residue along the waterline, which can be easily wiped clean.
White froth on the water surface

4. After adding the minerals, I noticed a yellowish discolouration on the pool floor. What should I do?

This can be caused by a concentration of minerals that have settled on the bottom of the pool due to insufficient circulation after dosing the minerals. Ensure your pump runs for a minimum of 8 hours after adding your MagnaPool® minerals. If you are still seeing stains on your pool floor, try adding an all-in-one stain remover

5. I cannot detect chlorine in my pool after adding minerals. What should I do?

Most testing equipment cannot detect chlorine levels accurately due to so much activity occurring in the water during this process. Chlorine is present and effective; however, it is recommended to activate ‘boost’ mode on the Hydroxinator and monitor your chlorine levels over the next few days after adding the minerals, adjusting your normal output level accordingly. Note: Even though sanitiser levels are not detectable in this instance, the pool is still safe for swimming.

6. There is white residue occurring at the waterline or in the pool. What should I do?

Water balance is imperative, so regular checks are an important part of maintaining a healthy mineral pool. Keep your calcium hardness, pH and alkalinity in the required ranges. If the calcium hardness is too high and build-up occurs, partially drain your pool and refill to lower calcium levels, or use calcium reducing products. Refer to our water balance guides for more information.

If you have noticed frothing occurs when adding minerals, this may leave a residue on the waterline that can be easily wiped away after they have finished dissolving.
White residue waterline

7. Are there any products incompatible with MagnaPool®?

Yes, Dichloroisocyanurate (Zodiac Pool Purifier). If granular chlorine is required, use Calcium Hypochlorite (Zodiac Pool Chlorine) instead of Dichloroisocyanurate (Zodiac Pool Purifier), as this can cause discolouration in the water.

If you have more questions about MagnaPool® that are not answered above, you can refer to the MagnaPool® website ( or connect with a local Magnapool Specialist.