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Experience a new level of bather comfort

MagnaPool minerals have grown in reputation to be known as the pinnacle of all mineral water pools. Our authentic and patented blend of potassium and magnesium have been proven by tens of thousands of users and by the science that has gone into creating MagnaPool, that it is the absolute best. So it is with pleasure to bring the power of the unique MagnaPool formula to Spa's.



 MagnaSpa benefits:

  • Silkier more comfortable water
  • Soothing to sensitive skin types
  • Relaxes and rejuvenates

Whats different between MagnaSpa and MagnaPool?

Where MagnaPool uses a ratio of minerals that is best suited to a pool environment, the requirements of a Spa are slightly different so we have increased the magnesium content. However, due to the synergistic nature of both potassium and magnesium, we have kept potassium levels high. The end result is a product that provides an exceptional bathing experience with crystal clear water

Will MagnaSpa sanitise like MagnaPool does?


No, you will still be required to use any spa sanitiser. MagnaSpa is compatible with all sanitising agents. Whereas MagnaPool uses the hydroxinator to create the sanitisers necessary for your pool, MagnaSpa does not use the Hydroxinator, so it is necessary to add them



How much do I need?

MagnaSpa is available in 3Kg bags, one bag is suitable for 1000L.


Are there any special needs regarding water testing?

NO, but like MagnaPool the hardness levels will be high, however, this is rarely tested for in Spas.


Can I use MagnaSpa with my current spa sanitisers?

Yes, MagnaSpa is compatible with any sanitising/oxidising agent

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