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The MagnaPool® System

MagnaPool® Minerals

  • A researched and patented blend of minerals
  • No added sodium, a truly unique formula
  • A refreshing, rejuvenating and relaxing swimming experience
  • Gentle for bathers and kind to the environment

Scientifically silky. MagnaPool® Minerals are 100% salt (sodium) free

MagnaPool® uses a unique blend of natural minerals and is the only system that is 100% sodium salt free. The only minerals found in MagnaPool® are magnesium and potassium chloride. These work in conjunction with the MagnaPool® Hydroxinator to not only sanitise your pool water, but to also keep it crystal clear, healthy and feeling silky smooth.

After years of testing our minerals, we’ve found the perfect ratio that makes MagnaPool® so special. Our patented blend is 70% potassium chloride and 30% magnesium chloride. At this ratio, swimmers enjoy the ultimate mineral pool experience and a range of benefits. There is no other product like MagnaPool® on the market.

Climate Care Certification

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Unequalled bathing comfort

MagnaPool® Minerals soften and produce silky, sparking clear pool water that is gentle on skin, eyes and hair. MagnaPool® water provides a sense of relaxation and invigoration so good that we guarantee you'll never want to swim in anything else.

A mineral-enriched swimming pool of exceptional clarity

MagnaPool® minerals in conjunction with our filtration provides unrivaled water clarity. Your pool will sparkle and have a clarity and depth about it that you will have never seen before. Experience crystal clear water that doesn't irritate your eyes with MagnaPool®. 



Reduces the need for many additional chemicals helping to keep your maintenance to a minimal cost. Plus, when diluted*, MagnaPool® backwash can be used for gardening or irrigation to help your plants flourish. *We recommend a dilution of 5 water - 1 backwash water. Please note, you must abide by the local environmental laws regarding backwash water in your area.

Magnesium Chloride

Is absorbed through the skin at a cellular level. This extremely important mineral can aid in the reduction of stress, anxiety, aches and pains. It also plays a vital part in detoxifying the body.

Potassium Chloride

When combined with magnesium, is a wonderful solution that naturally nourishes plants and grass. MagnaPool®’s mineral blend is so gentle that, when diluted 5:1 in a tank, it can be used to irrigate lawns and gardens

How many bags of minerals will you need?

To determine the amount of MagnaPool® Minerals you will require for your pool, please check the quick calculator on this page.


You will need to top up your pool water with MagnaPool® Minerals to keep your mineral pool operating at its optimal level. Mineral dosing is highly contingent of rainfall, dilution and frequency of backwashing, so providing a clear-cut estimation is very difficult.


How to maintain your MagnaPool


MagnaPool Minerals Safety Data Sheet

Scientifically silky. MagnaPool® Minerals are 100% salt (sodium) free

Components of the MagnaPool® system

These components make up the MagnaPool® system. Each element offers its own benefits. But, when all three are combined, the result is truly amazing.

Hydroxinator® iQ PRO

Climate care certified

Hydroxinator® iQ pH

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Hydroxinator® iQ

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MagnaPool® Minerals

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Crystal Clear - Glass Filtration Media

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MagnaPool® Test Strips

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