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We understand that a pool is a big investment. We also know that when you install a new MagnaPool®, or convert an existing pool into a MagnaPool®, you won’t regret it. 

How do we know this? Because our customers tell us so! Watch the videos or read some of our reviews below to learn what makes MagnaPool® such a unique mineral pool system. Right now you'll get the chance to win two 10kg bags of MagnaPool® Minerals if you share with us your experience with MagnaPool® (Limit to two bags per pool)

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"One of the main reasons why I got a MagnaPool is for a long time I've been looking for a situation where we didn't lose teachers through skin conditions & we had the opportunity to have the MagnaPool and I must admit that we've never had a teacher leave"

Sally , QLD

"We don't have that after pool smell anymore and the skins not as dry"

Cheryl , NSW

"You want a system particular in our tropical heat that is not going to give you any problems & MagnaPool is the best system up here to do that"

Peter , QLD

"So many things to enjoy about a MagnaPool most of all is that I like what it does for my skin"

Cath , NSW

"The defining moment for us to decide to go with MagnaPool was that my son and I both suffer with eczema, so from swimming in a magnesium pool, we don't get any soreness through our eyes, and our skin feels conditioned rather than dried. Our hair feels silkier too!"

Carla , NSW

"What I like the most about my MagnaPool, is the way I feel when I get out of it. The minerals make my skin feel clean and fresh. I don't need to have a shower or wash my hair! I'd recommend MagnaPool to anyone who's looking into getting a pool. Everyone that comes over and swims in my pool feels that they don't ever want to go into a saltwater or chlorine pool after they've been in a MagnaPool."

Danielle B, QLD

"Placid Pools has been in the industry for over 30 years, and we know a lot of our customers are looking for an alternative pool system. We decided to give MagnaPool a try and tested the product ourselves. To tell you the truth, I was hooked from my first swim! I think the first thing I noticed was when I got out, I didn't have to wash my hair. And I really felt the difference of the structure of the water."

Amanda S, QLD

"Our customers always come in and rave about MagnaPool. They won't put anything else in their pools unless it's genuine MagnaPool Minerals."

Rob , QLD

"What I like the most about MagnaPool is the ease of maintenance. It's so easy to maintain that it's almost set and forget!"

Chris , NSW