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Why choose MagnaPool®?

With a patented blend of minerals, MagnaPool® is a magnesium mineral pool system that creates
a luxurious and soothing bathing experience.

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MagnaPool is Climate Care Certified

The MagnaPool® System has been recognised under SPASA Australia's Climate Care Certified program.

  • Magnesium is an effective flocculant and very efficient in improving water clarity and can reduce the need for backwashing.
  • The magnesium blend has a water softening effect that assists skin hydration, improves skin barrier function and reduces skin roughness and inflammation.
  • When diluted as instructed, discharged pool water is suitable for irrigation on most household plants and soil.

Existing Pools

Changing your manually-dosed chlorine pool or saltwater pool to a MagnaPool® is easy and affordable.

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New Pools

MagnaPool® is a wonderful investment for anyone who wants a gentle and rejuvenating swim, every time.

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