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Why choose MagnaPool®?

With a patented blend of minerals, MagnaPool® is a magnesium mineral pool system that creates
a luxurious and soothing bathing experience.

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Components of the MagnaPool® system

These components make up the MagnaPool® system. Each element offers its own benefits. But, when all three are combined, the result is truly amazing.

Hydroxinator® iQ PRO

Climate care certified

Hydroxinator® iQ pH

Climate care certified

Hydroxinator® iQ

Climate care certified

MagnaPool® Minerals

Climate care certified

Crystal Clear - Glass Filtration Media

Climate care certified

MagnaPool® Test Strips

Climate care certified

MagnaPool is Climate Care Certified

The MagnaPool® System has been recognised under SPASA Australia's Climate Care Certified program.


  • The Hydroxinator increases energy efficiency, thereby reducing the units power consumption through its Switch Mode power supply, which is smaller, lighter, and more efficient than the more traditional Toriodal power supply technology.


  • Magnesium is an effective flocculant and very efficient in improving water clarity and can reduce the need for backwashing.


  • When diluted as instructed, discharged pool water is suitable for irrigation on most household plants and soil.

Existing Pools

Changing your manually-dosed chlorine pool or saltwater pool to a MagnaPool® is easy and affordable.

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New Pools

MagnaPool® is a wonderful investment for anyone who wants a gentle and rejuvenating swim, every time.

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