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How It Works

What makes a

The magnesium in MagnaPool® minerals naturally detoxifies and balances your body, which means it can help to relieve stress, anxiety, aches and pains. Plus, as a result of the natural flocculating properties of the minerals, together with the glass media, the pool water stays crystal clear.

MagnaPool® has the potential to greatly improve bathing comfort for swimmers, both young and old. We want all pool owners to be able to enjoy the benefits of water that is softer, silkier, clearer and that smells better than normal pool water. More than 20% of swimming pool owners in Australia have a family member with skin or respiratory condition who stand to benefit the most from MagnaPool®. Utilising the same minerals that are found in natural mineral springs, magnesium and potassium, a MagnaPool is gentler on the skin, hair and eyes, and can greatly reduce the discomfort people with sensitive skin normally feel in salt or manually chlorinated pools.

On top of this, there is the added environmental benefit of reduced chemical usage. The minerals required are both nourishing and healthy for plants, so your diluted backwash water can even be used to water your garden.

Clear Pool

The Story

MagnaPool® was born out of a desire to fundamentally change the experience of swimming at home. The mission was to create something that felt different to the classic experience of a saltwater or chlorine pool.

After years of trials and testing, the MagnaPool® system was created. With a unique blend of minerals, it elevates the backyard pool to new heights. The feel of the water is essential to this; just about anyone accustomed to a traditional pool is pleasantly surprised the first time they enter the water of a MagnaPool®.

It feels different on the skin, both during and after swimming. Its benefits go beyond the superficial too: the mineralrich MagnaPool® system makes for a gentle, rejuvenating experience that has benefits for bathers with easily irritated skin.

The authentic and original mineral pool, MagnaPool® is healthier for you, and for the environment. One swim, and you’ll know the difference.

woman and kid swimming in MagnaPool

Where it all began

The history of mineral bathing and thermal pools originated in Greece around 500 B.C but the idea of MagnaPool® was conceived and developed in 2007 in Queensland, Australia. The goal is to create swimming pool water that was gentler on the skin and the environment. After several years of testing MagnaPool® was perfected and patented.

Zodiac Group Australia acquired MagnaPool® in 2013 with a view to improve the quality of its products and make it more accessible to swimming pool owners. Quality concerns were addressed by replacing the original hydroxinator with the most reliable chlorine generator from Zodiac’s market-leading product range. Zodiac then built up the stock of minerals and expanded distribution to make MagnaPool® more readily available to pool owners around the country.

How It Works

The sublime experience of MagnaPool® is tied directly to the simplicity of its system, and the way it works to both enrich and purify the pool water.

The Hydroxinator is at the heart of the system, utilizing the MagnaPool® mineral blend to create healthy, sanitized water, uniquely soothing and imbued with an almost indescribably relaxing quality of comfort.

The filtration capabilities of MagnaPool® are beyond that of a traditional pool too, with the flocculent effect of the minerals within the water helping to clump debris and remove it from the pool. In fact, the glass media within the filter is able to attract and trap debris (including reducing harmful chlorine by-products such as chloramines by up to 40%), preserving a pristine and healthy swimming experience.

What the Zodiac brand
offers MagnaPool® users

Zodiac is one of the brands owned by Fluidra Group Australia, a global leader in pool equipment with a proud tradition of engineering excellence and product innovation.
MagnaPool®customers will benefit from our engineering prowess and industry-leading sales and after-sales support network in Australia and New Zealand. Pool owners can also enjoy added peace of mind knowing that they have the backing of a business they can trust and that has long and trusted history, not just locally but on a global scale.

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