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Install a New MagnaPool®

Congratulations on
building a pool!

Making your new pool a MagnaPool® is an easy process, requiring no more equipment than a regular saltwater pool. Discuss your options with your pool builder so you can ensure you have the right equipment for installation.

Install a new Mineral Pool

Components of the MagnaPool® system

These components make up the MagnaPool® system. Each element offers its own benefits. But, when all three are combined, the result is truly amazing.

Hydroxinator® iQ PRO

Climate care certified

Hydroxinator® iQ pH

Climate care certified

Hydroxinator® iQ

Climate care certified

MagnaPool® Minerals

Climate care certified

Crystal Clear - Glass Filtration Media

Climate care certified

MagnaPool® Test Strips

Climate care certified

Essential equipment for a new pool

  • Pool pump: We recommend using a Zodiac FloPro variable speed pump, which will give you significant cost savings through reduced energy bills.
  • Pool filter: You will need a media filter, also known as a sand filter. There are two types of media filters: thermoplastic and fibreglass. For most people, the choice is a matter of preference and cost. Both are reliable, but fibreglass tends to be more durable. Zodiac’s Titan series is available in both types and are extremely reliable. In some circumstances, a high-performance oversized cartridge filter is permissible, such as the Zodiac CV Cluster cartridge filter or for very small plunge pools the Zodiac CS range can be used
  • Maintaining pH balance and chlorine control: Maintaining a correct and stable pH level is the most important part of water chemistry. This requires a steady, measured amount of pH down solution administered to your MagnaPool® as needed. And ensuring you have optimal levels of chlorine in your MagnaPool makes maintenance so much easier. Our Hydroxinator iQ has upgrades available to suit your needs and budget
  • Pool cleaner: A high quality automatic pool cleaner is also a must, and Zodiac has a wide range of cleaning systems designed for every domestic pool shape, surface type, size and budget. Choose from traditional disc suction, mechanical suction, pressure or robotic pool cleaners.

Minerals to Add

Use this calculator to determine how many bags of MagnaPool® minerals to add to your Zodiac MagnaPool® system.

Magnapool System Installation Guide

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