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The Hydroxinator &
Reverse Polarity Electrolytic Cell

The heart of the MagnaPool® system

Utilising MagnaPool® Minerals and working on the principle of electrolysis, the Hydroxinator creates healthy, sanitised water that is soothing and a joy to swim in.

This method of electrolysis has been used successfully in residential pools and spas around the world for years. The MagnaPool® Hydroxinator is an easy-to-use, fully automated system right at your fingertips.


The Hydroxinator® features a reverse polarity cell that helps keep cleaning and maintenance to an absolute minimum. The control centre allows for you to easily schedule operational times and set output levels. The one-touch boost and low mode functionalities allow you to adjust output depending on your needs.

The Reverse Polarity Electrolytic Cell

The Reverse Polarity Electrode System helps protect the cells plates and prolong the life of your MagnaPool® Hydroxinator. The automatic mineral level monitor detects when mineral levels are low and alerts you. Please note, however, that it is affected by low water temperature. It is recommended that you always confirm with a water test before adding additional MagnaPool® Minerals.

Technical specifications

Download the MagnaPool Mineral System Data Sheet here.

Description Mid Hydrox Large Hydrox
Sanitizer Output capacity 25 grm/hr 35 grm/hr
Maximum* average pool size (litres) 70000 100000
Plumbing 40mm or 50mm (reducers provided)
Operating mineral level minimum 5000ppm
Warranty on power pack and cell 3 year power pack and cell
*Based on a warm weather climate. Adjust for cooler or hotter climates.
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