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There is white froth on the water surface after adding the minerals. What should I do?

This is normal during the start-up process as the minerals reach equilibrium with the water. It will usually dissipate within a few hours or sometimes overnight with the pump running.

After adding minerals I’ve noticed a yellowish discolouration on the pool floor. What should I do?

This can be caused by a concentration of minerals that have settled on the bottom of your pool due to insufficient circulation after dosing the minerals. It is recommended to leave pumps running overnight to evenly distribute the minerals. If the discolouration remains, try using Zodiac’s ‘All in one stain remover’.

I cannot detect chlorine in my pool after adding minerals. What should I do?

Most testing equipment cannot detect chlorine levels accurately due to so much activity occuring in the water during this process. Chlorine is present and effective, so simply leave the Hydroxinator on ‘boost’ mode overnight and you will find that within a few days (possibly up to a week) you’ll be able to detect the sanitiser levels. Please note: even though sanitiser levels are not detectable, the water is still safe to swim in.

Can I use granular or liquid chlorine?

If additional chlorine is required you can use either liquid or granular chlorine. Please note however that Dichloroisocyanurate (Zodiac Pool Purifier) may temporarily discolour the water, this usually clears up after a few hours and does not cause any issues for bathing or the pool equipment.

How is MagnaPool compared to Enviroswim?

ES3 is a completely different product to MagnaPool. EnviroSwim is a low salt, low chlorine sanitiser that doesn't have any minerals. These units can sometimes struggle to keep sanitised under heavy bather load and very hot conditions. MagnaPool is a mineral pool that generates chlorine to keep your pool water safe and healthy even under harsh conditions, with the added benefit of minerals in the water that your body can absorb as you swim.

How much would it cost to convert my existing pool to MagnaPool and how long does it take?

It should only take at most a day to change over, the most extensive labour requirement is changing your sand filter to glass media (if its required). If it is already glass media, just a good backwash before and after adding mienrals is all that is required. You will also need to add a Hydroxinator and electrolytic cell, then add the minerals to the pool, and you are good to go! The costs can vary greatly depending on the requirements, so best to consult with your local MagnaPool specialist to get an accurate figure. Find your local MagnaPool specialist.

Are mineral pools more expensive?

Yes, they are. But as you would expect to pay more for premium fuel, so premium minerals are not like standard salt costs. However the overall running costs for a MagnaPool compared to a saltwater pool or a manual added chlorine pool, are a little less as some of the additional chemicals and maintenance requirements are not the same with MagnaPool, ie less backwashing, no need for clarifiers or flocculants, no salt cell protector required, less chances of cell calcification.

How would you compare MagnaPool's minerals with other brand's Dead Sea Minerals?

MagnaPool is a truly unique product when compared to anything else in the 'mineral pool' space. MagnaPool is the only system that is sodium free, all other systems use sodium as their basis to generate chlorine (and yes, they all generate chlorine, any system that claims that it doesn't is not being completely honest). What's the big deal about sodium, well nothing really if you are after a cheaper entry-level salt/mineral pool offering, and as with saltwater pool sodium has a tendency to cling to the hair follicles and can sometimes leave that sticky feeling, this does not happen in MagnaPool. Also, sodium-based mineral pools are not as 'environmentally friendly' as MagnaPool, inasmuch that the wastewater cannot be used for irrigation in your garden. As magnapool is only magnesium and potassium, both of these minerals encourage plant life to flourish and grow strong, so the backwash water can be recycled to help reduce your environmental footprint (note that the wastewater should be diluted and stored in an offline holding tank and you must abide by council regulations). Another misleading claim often touted by many of the Dead Sea mineral systems is the claim to emulate the sensations in the dead sea, this is completely false as the mineral levels of the dead sea are around 100x more saline than your typical swimming pool. All mineral pool systems have their upsides, but if you are looking for the best, the original system that started it all, look no further than MagnaPool, the only true authentic mineral pool available

Although CYA is at 57, the free chloor is evaporating in a couple of hours (for ex. yesterday from 1.76 to 0.00 in 5 hours). Does a Magnapool need higher levels of CYA?

MagnaPool doesn't require any higher levels of any chemicals compared to any other pool. Regarding CYA, it doesn't matter if it was in a saltwater pool, a liquid chlorine pool or a MagnaPool. The rate of chlorine burn off from the sun is identical. However, we find this rate if burn off you are experiencing quite dramatic. Is your pool exposed to a lot of direct sunlight and are you in a very warm or tropical climate? There is no easy way around this and we wouldn't recommend increasing your CYA levels any higher as it will just lock up your free chlorine. We'd recommend going to a pool shop and getting a complete water test done to ensure there is nothing else at play (ie phosphate could be contributing as an example).

Hi is there any one in perth with MagnaPool minerals in stock?

Unfortunately we are not able to advise the stock levels at individual dealers, but we are happy to check with our supply chain to see if we have stock in your area. Please reach out to us via LIVE CHAT support to inquire.

Hello! I'm in the US and would like to convert my chlorine pool to a MagnaPool system. Can you please let me know if there are any MagnaPool system suppliers/distributors in US?

Unfortunately we do not distribute to the USA at this point.

How do I become one of your distributors to sell your pool accessories and equipments?

Please send your contact details to so that our Commercial team can follow up with you.

What are the most common mistakes people can make when they first install or convert to MagnaPool?

Many users often feel they might need to add a sanitiser into the water as the chlorine is difficult for testing equipment to find the residual level, this is not required. When a MagnaPool is started with so much happening in the water it is often difficult to detect, but rest assured there is and you are perfectly safe to swim without adding any additional sanitiser. Another common mistake is that some users may feel they need to add 'salt' (sodium) in order to generate chlorine, this too is not required and is one of the major key benefits of MagnaPool. It is thanks to both the magnesium and potassium chloride passing through the electrolytic cell that we are able to generate our sanitiser and keep the pool safe and healthy. Lastly another common worry we hear is 'what special treatment do I need to give my MagnaPool', again one of the beauties of MagnaPool is that it requires no additional treatment when compared to a saltwater pool, in fact it needs less thanks to the way the minerals behave and condition the water. The great thing is regardless of what your concerns might be, you have me of the biggest support networks in Australia and a knowledgeable customer care team ready to help if you ever have a question.

Do you need exactly the same amount of chlorine in a mineral pool as a salt pool?

Yes, chlorine requirements remain unchanged for any pool and this is set by the Australian Standards for swimming pools to be between 1-3ppm for outdoor swimming pools. BUT, many users feel that the reasons for their not wanting to use chlorine is because it smells, causes stinging eyes, irritates skin etc.. And this is not technically true. Chlorine is a great treatment for pools as it lasts a long time, is really effective at killing most all pathogens, bacteria, viruses etc... And is well tolerated by animals and humans. The chemical that causes the adverse reactions for people is a by-product of chlorine called chloramines, chloramines is a chlorine molecule that has been 'used', its done its job (killed a pathogen etc) but it is still present in the water. These chloramines can cause irritation to the skin and eyes and exacerbate skin conditions (like eczema etc). So one key function of goals of any well-maintained pool is to remove these nasties as quickly as possible. This is where MagnaPool is truly king of mineral pools. In our research we found that MagnaPool was able to reduce the chloramine levels in the pool by almost 50%. This is one of the reasons why so many users who have not be able to enjoy their pool due to constant irritations or redness, swear by MagnaPool. Plus on top of this you also have the healing and rejuvenating aspects of the minerals that can actually help improve and reduce many skin irritations.

I've heard that minerals can stain your pool. Is this true?

Yes, there is some truth here and it comes down to a few factors. Not all mineral products are overly concerned about where they source the minerals from and whether they are treated and have contaminants removed from them prior to being bagged. Some may hang their hat on the "Its comes straight from nature and is untreated so its the best".. well that may be ok for a sea, a lake, or natural spring.. but for a swimming pool this sometimes isn't so good. The last thing you want to be found in your pool minerals are additional elements such as metals, phosphates and other really nasty things that can cause your pool to go green and require very expensive treatment to clear it. Staining can also potentially occur if your magnesium content is too high. Under certain conditions, the minerals may not be able to dilute any further in the water, and they could start to form crystals (called precipitate) and gather usually in dead spots or the low ends of the pool, this can lead to staining and require corrective action to clean surfaces and balance the water. With MagnaPool minerals we have ensured that the minerals are treated to remove many contaminants so the final product is clean and won't introduce any unwanted elements to your pool and our highly specific ratio of 30% magnesium is set this way for a reason, it provides the best concentration rate for bather health, comfort and ensuring that it works optimally in a swimming pool.

I've heard people say that you shouldn't use a cartridge filter with a mineral pool. Why?

There is some truth here, but not completely. For most all mineral systems yes, you can use a cartridge filter without any issues.. The only exception is MagnaPool, where we prefer that media filters with glass media are used, BUT we allow for cartridge filters to be used, but they must be oversized. Why? This is due to the exceptional flocculent abilities of MagnaPool that can cause the pleats in a cartridge filter element to clog up quite quickly, meaning they will need regular cleaning. So in applications when you cannot install a filter with glass media, ie where you cannot install a backwash line, or were council regulation may not allow for it, a cartridge filter can be used we just recommend that a larger than usual size is installed to prevent premature clogging and repetitive cleaning.

The MagnaPool® Minerals in the bags have clumped together into a solid block, can I still use them?

This usually indicates the minerals have been exposed to air and moisture. The minerals are still good to be used but will take longer to dissolve. Be sure to monitor and brush minerals around the pool as they dissolve. 

Why do I have to add more bags of MagnaPool® Minerals compared to traditional salt?

Magnapool Minerals are not chemically equivalent to traditional salt. The hygroscopic nature of Magnesium chloride means that when it is added to the pool, it doesn’t deliver the same level of salinity. Whereas salt delivers 1:1 ratio of salinity, magnesium delivers only 0.7:1, therefore more is required.

Do I still need to use chlorine to clean my MagnaPool?

No chlorine is not needed as MagnaPool generates its own chlorine.

Can MagnaPool react with metal barriers or handrails etc located in the pool?

MagnaPool like any mineral salt can cause oxiation if the metal is not of suitable grade or has not been treated. It is best to consult with the manufacturer to know if their product has suitable or requires a surface treatment. Always treat metals the same as you would if they were in a saltwater pool.

How much acid demand can I expect in a MagnaPool?

MagnaPool should use around the same amount of acid as would a saltwater pool, on average around 1/2 a litre per week, but is purely dependant on environmental conditions, ie if heavy rainfall, bather load, backwashing etc... can all increase acid demand. Note that the demand is usually a little higher when starting up any pool as the water finds its balance.

How often should I backwash my MagnaPool?

Backwashing is only required when the filter starts to become clogged and dirty, which you will notice by the pressure gauge on the filter. This varies greatly depending on debris load on the pool and even weather conditions that can drop large amounts of debris into the pool.

Hi, I am a new pool owner with a magnapool. Why does it have a strange taste?

Yes many users often notice a metallic or bitter taste when first using MagnaPool. This can be due to the mineral levels being quite high when first being commissioned. It only happen when mineral level is high and often is more pronounced if pH is high. In all instances the taste fades over the course of a few weeks as your body acclimates to the minerals content.

My Magna pool control centre seems to be making a louder running noise than normal. It’s just gone approx 3.5 yrs. does this sound like an issue?

Does this model have an automatic acid feeder attached to it? If yes the it could be the peristaltic pump is no longer working corecctly and could need replacing, or it may need some silicone grease on the acid squeeze tube. If it is not an auto acid feed model, it could be the power supply is faulty and needs to be repaired or replaced.

Looking at getting magnaspa for our spa. The instructions say a 3 kg bag for 10000 l but it doesn’t say how often or what maintenance dose is on the website?

MagnaSpa minerals only need replacing whenever you replace the water, this should be around every 4-6 months. The minerals will always remain in there and are not consumed in any way, they are only removed splash out, backwash or draining the water.

Hi I have a MagnaPool and it's only 6 months old. The pH dosing system has stopped working. What could be the reason for this?

If the acid bottle has run dry and you haven't topped it up, it can go into pH alert as it hasn't been able to reach the set point required.

Hold the select button for 5 seconds to remove the warning and top up the acid bottle. If the pump is no longer working, or the squeeze tube is faulty, arrange for the pool shop to come and advise what repairs are required. If your unit is still under warranty, please reach out to our LIVE CHAT support to arrange for a technician to come to your home for analysis. Our Live Chat is open 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday, Sydney Time.

We were happy for the first 12months of our MagnaPool but now we have lost the colour off the original mould. Is it possible that it's caused by MagnaPool minerals?

We would like to clarify that the use of MagnaPool minerals in either a fibreglass or concrete pool is 100% safe and easy to maintain and you will not lose any colour. It will not affect your grout or tiles, appearance or integrity. If you for some reason start to lose colour, we recommend you check the pH and Alkalinity of your pool are properly maintained and reach out to your pool shop for further checks if necessary.

I've heard that magnesium in the Magnapool minerals can remove calcium from pool materials that contain it, which can affect structural integrity as well as appearance. Is this true?

This is incorrect. Calcium is the 3rd element that is absolutely essential for correct water balance, along with pH and Alkalinity, so ensuring there is sufficient Calcium present is essential. Magnesium does NOT remove calcium. However if the pool shop or service person only tests for hardness rather than calcium, this can lead to the false illusion that there is sufficient calcium (as magnesium contribute to the hardness of the pool water). Therefore if calcium is lost and never tested and replaced (as it should be during a proper annual maintenance routine).

How long will the MagnaSpa treatment last before it needs to be renewed?

They will stay in the water permanently, so they last until you replace the water, water should be replace every 4-6mths in a Spa.

Does the Hydroxinator ® iQ read minerals in the water or do you need strips to measure the minerals in the water?

No, not required, when your mineral levels start to get low, there is a small LED warning light on the hydroxinator power pack that will illuminate when you need to add additional minerals... Simply take a water sample to the pool shop and they will be able to advise on how many bags you require to top up.

My MagnaPool control panel is beeping and saying add more minerals. I added 2 bags and the water test is showing the mineral level is exactly where it should be, yet I am still getting the beep and the same message?

If your unit is still in good working order (i.e. less than 3 or 4 years old), it's most likely caused by water temperature. As it starts to get cooler and the temperature drops, so does the conductivity of the water. As a result, the electrolytic cell demands a higher mineral level. Unfortunately, it is a side effect of the chlorination process that all electrolytic cells endure. We recommend dropping the output to a suitable level to keep the water clean and healthy. Even if the Hydoxinator light is still on it, just ensure your mineral levels are maintained at the correct level.

Either way, please feel free to get in touch with us via LIVE CHAT if you require any further assistance. Our Live Chat is open 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday, Sydney Time.

I’ve recently added MagnaSpa to my 1000L SPA. This has resulted in my hardness levels going to approx 800 with the ideal level being 400. Is this of concern and/or is there a way to fix it?

When testing for hardness levels the only compound to test for is calcium, and you should check with the manufacturer of the spa to know what they recommend. But most fibreglass shells require around 50-100ppm of calcium, this calcium is required to maintain water balance and fibreglass integrity. The reason your hardness is very high is due to magnesium, and for water balance etc this reading is unimportant. With a MagnaSpa you could expect to see anything up to 800-900ppm. We would advise that a water sample is tested by a pool shop to ensure that calcium levels (only) are in the correct range. Ensure they test for true calcium hardness, not total hardness.

What concentration of magnesium salts do you run at?

We use a blend that is 30% by weight Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate. We have found over the many years of development work that the 30% mark is the sweet spot for all aspects of ensuring excellent filtration clarity, optimal bathing comfort levels and no issues with precipitate etc.

Can an ozone sanitiser work in conjunction with the MagnaPool set up?

Yes you can adapt an ioniser, an ozonator or other supplementary sanitisers alongside the MagnaPool system.

Can I use sand as my filter media in my MagnaPool?

Sand should not be used with MagnaPool. In the odd chance that sand does work in some pools, it is still not recommended as the flocculent effect of the minerals over time will cause a thickened debris layer on the top of the sand bed, this will greatly increase the pressures in the filter and cause channelling through the filter bed. Glass is required specifically to prevent this from happening, and for its ultra fine electrical charge that helps capture debris until it is backwashed out of the filter. In any instances where glass media has not worked well it could be that the installation may be incorrect (wrong mix of fine and coarse)


What’s the wait time for a service appointment to be scheduled?

It can range between 2 to 5 business days. Once your appointment is scheduled, you will receive confirmation of the day and time via text messages.

I am still waiting on a response regarding a warranty claim that I've submitted. When will I be able to hear back and how do I follow up on this?

Please contact us via LIVE CHAT and provide us with your 8-digit case number. If you don't have a case number, please provide your name, mobile number and email. Once we have this we will be able to locate your case for you and provide you with an update.

Can I request the date for my service appointment?

Unfortunately no. Our auto-scheduling system will determine when our technicians are available to attend before we send you a text notification. If you are not available on the appointment date, you can reply NO and you will be given another date.

Your agent tried to call me to discuss my warranty claim but I missed the call. How do I call back?

If we fail to contact you successfully, normally you will receive a text like this to give you the option to text back. We also follow up on attempted contacts on the daily basis.

We've tried to contact you with regards to your case number _______.
Please reply to this SMS or call us back on 1300 763 021.
We will try to call you within the next 24 business hours
Zodiac & Astral Pool/Fluidra Support

My Hydroxinator stopped working after 1 year out of warranty. What should I do?

To have your Hydroxinator repaired outside of the warranty period, we recommend you use one of our Authorised Repair Agents, who will make the assessment and provide you with a quote. If you need assistance in finding a recommended repair agent, please reach out to our LIVE CHAT support. Our Live Chat is open 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday, Sydney Time.

How do I submit a warranty claim?

Please log into the MyFluidra warranty portal to register your products before submitting a new service request/warranty claim on this page. For all other inquiries please click on the Chat with an Expert button on the same page to talk to our LIVE CHAT support.

How long do I have to wait for technicians to attend?

Depending on the priority level of the job (for example a split tank would be a high priority), usually we are able to book our technicians in within 1-2 weeks of the time of scheduling, but sometimes in peak season it could take longer.

When trying to register the product that I've purchased, I can't seem to find it in the selection?

Please contact us via LIVE CHAT or via the help and support tab in the myfluidra portal to let us know which product you are having a problem with. One of our friendly aftersales team members will be able to assist you with registering your product for you.