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Crystal Clear - Glass Filtration Media

  • More effective filtration
  • Environmental benefits
  • Saves water and energy
  • Health benefits.

Superior filtration media.

 Zodiac Filter Crystals are made from 100% recycled glass and are part of what makes MagnaPool® special. The crystals are a type of pool filter media that act as a direct replacement for sand or zeolite. Sand filtration, although very popular, does have many limitations, such as potentially harmful bacteria growth, inefficient backwashing and additional strain on the sanitiser.

The smooth surface of Zodiac glass crystals discourages bacteria from attaching to the glass. This results in a healthier filter tank, that is safer for you and your family. When compared to regular sand, glass crystals can save up to 65% of water through more efficient backwashing. This is due to the larger spaces between the particles which allows for a more efficient water flow. Zodiac Glass filter media is available in two grades, fine and coarse – and you need both grades to experience the difference with a MagnaPool®

*Special Note for cartridge filters: In certain circumstances, a media filter may not be a workable option, in these cases a high-performance cartridge filter is permissible. However, these filters must be oversized to prevent constant cleaning. These will provide excellent filtration, but filter pressure will need to be monitored and elements cleaned accordingly.

Climate Care Certification

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More effective filtration

The combination of coarse and fine crystals provides the best filtration. This glass media is far-less prone to clogging than sand and therefore provides deeper, more effective filtration. The better the flow-rate through your pool’s filter, the more water you circulate over time, which ultimately means a cleaner pool and more energy savings.

Conservative and environmentally-friendly

Did you know that using crystals can save you up to 75% of water? This is due to the fact that there is more space between the glass media (than when using sand), which allows water to flow more efficiently. This means the need to backwash is greatly reduced, hence reducing your pool’s carbon footprint In fact some MagnaPool® owners can go entire seasons without the need to backwash their filter!


Health benefits

The chlorine demand is lower for pools with sand filters using glass media than those with sand. Sand filters are more prone
to house potentially harmful varieties of bacteria. Alternatively, the smooth, unique surface of Crystals discourages bacteria
from attaching itself to the glass. Ultimately, it provides a healthier and safer pool for you and your family to enjoy.

Quantity of minerals required = 6 bags/10000L (10kg bags)

Recommended bags of media (15kg/bag) Coarse Glass Fine Glass Crystal Clear - Glass Filtration Media
21* Filter 1 Bag 3 Bags
25* Filter 2 Bags 5 Bags
28* Filter 3 Bags 8 Bags
32* Filter 5 Bags 13 Bags
36* Filter 6 Bags 17 Bags
* Based on a warm weather climate. Adjust for cooler or hotter climates.


Crystal Clear crystallite filter media

Superior filtration media.

Components of the MagnaPool® system

These components make up the MagnaPool® system. Each element offers its own benefits. But, when all three are combined, the result is truly amazing.

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Crystal Clear - Glass Filtration Media

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