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Are Mineral Pools Worth It?

The cost of a swimming pool is dependent on a number of factors in the decision-making process. A few initial considerations include what material the pool will be (fibreglass vs. concrete vs. vinyl), choosing between aboveground and inground pools and the pool equipment system. Other cost factors will also come into play in your initial planning and budget.

If you have already looked at the pros and cons of different pool systems, chances are you already know MagnaPool™ mineral pool system comes out on top in the comparisons. 

*Note: More points=better savings on costs/energy and better bather comfort

pool system comparison

But if you want to focus on the costs, here we break down the initial and ongoing costs for you to consider:

Initial costs of different pool systems

Mineral pools generally do have a slightly higher upfront cost than traditional pool systems. However, this extra expense is quickly recouped through the reduced ongoing pool maintenance costs.

This is because mineral pool systems require less chemical usage than their chlorine and saltwater counterparts, which translates to significant savings in both time and money. With fewer chemicals to balance and maintain, you'll be able to spend more time enjoying your crystal-clear, mineral-infused water and less time tinkering with your pool equipment.

Note: The initial overall cost for each system will vary depending on the equipment you purchase, whether or not you get it professionally installed and store pricing.

Ongoing costs of a MagnaPool™

One critical element that makes this system stand out from the rest is the use of MagnaPool Minerals, which are conveniently packaged in 10kg bags for easy maintenance. Once your MagnaPool is installed, you'll be pleased to know that upkeep is a breeze and won't break the bank. The dosing of minerals, however, will vary depending on various factors such as rainfall, dilution, and backwashing frequency. For instance, if you live in tropical or heavy rain areas, you'll need to increase your mineral dosing to compensate for the dilution due to the weather.

We recommend contacting a few MagnaPool dealers, as prices will vary from store to store (the rough average is around $50/bag). But on average, the guidelines for mineral dosing for pool sizes are as follows:

  • 30,000 L pools require around 10 to 12 x 10kg bags of MagnaPool® Minerals each year, which cost approximately $500 per year.
  • 50,000 L pools require around 15 to 20 x 10kg bags of MagnaPool® Minerals each year, which costs $750 per year.

Ongoing costs of a chlorine pool system

The cost associated with maintaining a traditional chlorine pool can quickly add up. Chemical expenses alone can range anywhere from $400 to $600 per year for an average-sized pool - and that's not even factoring in the time and effort required for regular upkeep.

Chlorine costs around $25 for a 20-litre container, which typically only lasts a few weeks during the summer months for most pools. In comparison, MagnaPool requires significantly fewer chemicals overall, which translates to substantial savings over time.

Ongoing costs of a saltwater pool system

While saltwater pools may seem more affordable ($120-$180 per year) at first glance, the reality is that you may require additional chemicals such as clarifiers, flocculants etc. Hence, it evens out reasonably similar to a mineral pool.

One of the significant savings from mineral pool systems is water-saving as you need to backwash far fewer thanks to the glass media and MagnaPool minerals; in some pools, this can save thousands of litres every year. And if you dilute your backwash waste, you could use it for irrigation on your grass.

Bottom Line

When it comes to choosing a pool sanitation system, it's clear that mineral pools offer a wealth of benefits that make them well worth the investment. Not only are they gentler on the skin, eyes, and hair compared to traditional chlorine and saltwater systems, but they also offer proven wellness properties and are more eco-friendly.

All costs considered, many people opt for a mineral pool sanitation system over saltwater and traditional chlorine as it is less harsh on the skin, eyes and hair. Mineral systems also have proven wellness qualities and are much more environmentally friendly. If you’d like to find out more about our MagnaPool™ pool system – whether you are looking at building a brand new pool or wanting to convert your existing poolcontact our team today.