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How To Maintain Your MagnaPool

Season Start

At the start of the swimming season, follow these 6 simple steps to perform your regular start-up procedures:

How to maintain a MagnaPool

Regular Seasonal Maintenance

1. When having your water chemistry checked, be sure to tell your pool shop that you have a MagnaPool®. There are certain readings that they’ll need to be aware of which are unique to this product.

2. Ensure your mineral levels are correct at all times, and add MagnaPool® Minerals as required. The added minerals light on the power pack will let you know when you are getting low.

3. Visually check your cell every month during the swimming season. If you notice any deposits, remove the cell and clean it off with a diluted acid solution (see the Hydroxinator owner’s manual for instructions). Also, check the hardness level and refer to the Water Chemistry Parameters guide if it needs correcting.

Water Testing Special Information

All water test parameters remain as per standard water testing and treatment of a saltwater pool. However, magnesium will cause the hardness reading to appear unusually high. It is imperative that at least once a year a true calcium hardness reading is conducted by your local pool care professional to ensure you have the correct calcium balance in your pool.

If starting your MagnaPool pool from a new pool, your calcium levels should be around 50-150ppm for a fibreglass pool or 150-500ppm for a concrete pool.

If retrofitting to an existing pool, take a sample of water to a pool shop prior to adding MagnaPool and make any required adjustments, paying particular attention to the hardness levels to ensure correct levels.