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13 MagnaPool Myths Busted

Choosing the right mineral pool can be a challenge! There’s a lot of conflicting information out there, both from pool owners and suppliers, and you may find yourself with more questions than answers. Do mineral pools use chlorine? Can they stain your pool? Are they expensive to run? 

You may have also seen claims that mineral pools like MagnaPool are overpriced sanitation systems with no proven health benefits. Or that minerals can damage your pool equipment. 

Unfortunately, these claims are often made by people who’ve never used an authentic MagnaPool, or who are promoting their own pool sanitation systems. This can be confusing for pool owners and spread false rumours about how mineral systems work. 

So how do you sort the fact from the fiction? 

In this article, we’ll examine 13 common myths about MagnaPool and break them down one by one. By the end, you’ll know what MagnaPool does (and doesn’t do), how it compares to other mineral systems and whether it’s the right choice for your pool. 


Myth #1: Minerals can stain your pool

TRUE and FALSE. Yes, they can stain your pool – but only if you use cheap or low-quality minerals! Impure minerals (and there are plenty of them out there) can introduce metals and phosphates into your pool, leaving behind residue or discolouration that can be difficult to remove.

MagnaPool, however, uses purified minerals that have been specially treated to remove contaminants, so you won’t get nasty stains on your pool. The only time you’ll see yellowing is when you don’t disperse your minerals with a brush. To avoid this, make sure the minerals don’t clump in one spot, and run your pump for at least 24 hours to circulate them properly. If discolouration does occur, use Zodiac All-In-One Stain Remover

Pool Fact: You may also get staining when you have high pH or environmental debris. However, this is common to all pool sanitation systems and can have nothing to do with your minerals.


Myth #2: Magnesium doesn’t have any health benefits

FALSE. There are claims that magnesium pools don’t have therapeutic benefits and that it’s all just deceptive marketing, but our research and customer testimonials disprove this. For a start, magnesium is responsible for more than 300 biochemical processes in our body, including blood pressure regulation, muscle and nerve function, healthy immunity and bone strength, making it important for our overall health and wellbeing. 

Unfortunately, one in three people over two years of age don’t meet their magnesium requirements, which can result in a range of health issues. And while the most common way to increase magnesium levels is through diet and supplementation, growing evidence suggests that magnesium can also be absorbed through the skin. 

One study showed that bathing in magnesium-rich water – even for a short time – can improve skin hydration and reduce inflammation of atopic dermatitis (eczema). And another revealed that mineral water was effective in the treatment of stress and inflammation. 

Our customers also agree that bathing in magnesium-rich water reduces aches, improves relaxation and soothes skin conditions. In fact, one swim school in Australia switched to MagnaPool when they started losing staff due to skin irritations – and they haven’t looked back. Watch the case study here


Myth #3: It's expensive

TRUE and FALSE. While set-up costs for a MagnaPool are high, running costs are low. For a start, you won’t need to add any chlorine to your pool water. The hydroxinator does all the hard work for you – from converting the minerals into active chlorine, to measuring and maintaining the right levels of sanitation. 

Second, MagnaPool uses glass media filtration. Not only does this discourage the growth of bacteria, but it also filters out particles as small as 5 microns. This keeps your pool water clear and minimises the use of cleaners. Plus, glass media isn’t as dense as sand and doesn’t require as much backwashing (or frequent replenishment), saving you hundreds on water and maintenance bills each year. 

Last, magnesium is a natural flocculant that binds with fine particles and removes them from your pool water. This means your automatic cleaner won’t have to work as hard, and you won’t need to use expensive clarifiers or flocculants. To find out more about whether MagnaPool is a good investment, see this article.


Myth #4: The water tastes bitter

TRUE and FALSE. A MagnaPool that’s properly balanced should have no taste. In other words, there should be no saltiness or chlorine aftertaste. However, if you’ve just added minerals the water may have a metallic taste. This isn’t harmful and will resolve in time. To avoid this, circulate the water for at least 24 hours before you use the pool.

The other thing that can affect taste is salinity or pH. When testing your pool water, keep salinity levels between 4000 and 4500 ppm and pH between 7.2 and 7.6. If you’re unsure of how to balance a MagnaPool, see the chemistry parameters below.

water chemistry parameters

Source: MagnaPool Water Test FAQs


Myth #5: Minerals can damage your pool

FALSE. Typically, mineral pools don’t corrode your shell or equipment any more or less than chlorine or saltwater pools. However, as with any pool, unbalanced and/or poorly maintained water will corrode pool surfaces and equipment. However this is caused by the water’s acidity, not the minerals. 

To prevent damage (no matter what kind of sanitation system you use), make sure your handrails or metal barriers and any porous coping or decorative stone is treated with the appropriate corrosion-resistant coating, and that you balance your pool water regularly.


Myth #6: You need to shower after using a MagnaPool

FALSE. Not only does MagnaPool contain nothing but natural minerals, there is no added sodium. This means you won’t need to have a shower afterwards to wash off chlorine or salty residue. In fact, thanks to the combination of magnesium and potassium chloride, your skin and hair will feel smooth, refreshed and hydrated. If you want to try it out beforehand, send a private message to our Facebook page to get a free sample of MagnaPool Mineral Bath Soak.


Myth #7: It’s just like a saltwater sanitation system

TRUE and FALSE. Most people assume that MagnaPool is just like other mineral pool systems – a saltwater pool with added minerals. But it’s much more than that. In addition to converting minerals into chlorine (just like a salt chlorination system), it releases magnesium into your pool water. 

Not only does this act as a natural flocculant, but it also softens your pool water and provides therapeutic benefits. Plus, the absence of sodium means that your MagnaPool won’t corrode your pool surfaces or equipment, which is common with salt water chlorination systems.


Myth #8: You still need to add chlorine

TRUE & FALSE. While MagnaPool uses chlorine to sanitise your pool (unfortunately, minerals alone aren’t enough to keep your pool free of nasties), there may be the odd occasion where you need to shock your pool or manually dose it. This is generally only required when you have exceptionally hot days or very high bather load and the output from your hydroxinator will not be enough to keep your pool sanitised, so having a little back up is sometimes required.

But that doesn’t mean it’s an ordinary chlorine pool. Because of the superior filtration of glass media and the flocculating ability of magnesium, MagnaPool produces up to 40 per cent fewer chloramines (this happens when sweat and urine interact with chlorine). Unfortunately, chloramines produce an unpleasant chlorine odour and cause skin and eye irritation in sensitive swimmers.

What’s more, they can reduce the effectiveness of chlorine and promote the growth of bacteria. MagnaPool, however, reduces these nasty by-products, so you get all the benefits of chlorine sanitation without the unpleasant side effects.


Myth #9: You can’t use a cartridge filter with a MagnaPool

FALSE. For best results, you should use a media filter with glass media in your MagnaPool. However, if you don’t have a backwash line or you can’t get one installed, you can still use a cartridge filter. The only difference is that it needs to be oversized for your pool. Why? Because it needs to cope with the exceptional flocculating ability of magnesium.

While it’s tempting to stick with your current size and hope for the best, the particles in your pool will clog your filter and result in weekly cleaning. A bigger unit, on the other hand, can manage larger volumes of debris, minimise flushing and increase the longevity of your pool.


Myth #10: Your minerals won’t work if they’re solid or clumped

FALSE. There are two reasons why pool minerals clump together – moisture and air exposure. That doesn’t mean you should throw them away. If clumping happens, drop the bags on teh ground a few times to help loosen them up a little than add them to the water and move them around to break up the larger chunks. Make sure your pool pump runs for at least 24 hours – or at least until all traces of the minerals have disappeared. (It may take a while, but they’ll eventually break down.) To prevent clumping in the future, keep the minerals in a cool, dark place, and avoid piercing or breaking the package.


Myth #11: It can increase your calcium hardness levels

FALSE. When you have a mineral pool, it’s common to have high hardness levels. But it’s not because of the minerals! Most home testing kits can’t tell the difference between calcium and magnesium, so it may look like you’ve got an imbalance. For a guide use MagnaPool Test Strips to test your magnesium levels and subtract the result from your Total Hardness reading. Or for best results visit your pool shop and ask for a true calcium test, this will provide you with exactly what you need. If you’ve still got an imbalance, go ahead and adjust your calcium hardness up or down, depending on the results.


Myth #12: It’s not environmentally friendly

FALSE. Traditional chlorine pools aren’t known for being climate-friendly. They can put pressure on our energy grid, waste hundreds of litres of water each year and pollute our waterways. MagnaPool, however, is climate care certified by the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA), which means that it can help you save water, energy and chemicals – and minimise your environmental footprint.

To begin with, the hydroxinator produces all the chlorine you need and provides variable speed pump control. This keeps chemical use to a minimum and reduces yearly energy consumption. Plus, your hydroxinator can connect with your automatic pool cover to drop chlorine output and reduce energy bills even further.

Second, magnesium has a flocculating effect that improves water quality. This means less backwashing and fewer chemicals. What’s more, it softens the water and soothes skin conditions, making it gentler on swimmers than traditional chlorine systems.

And third, the backwash from your MagnaPool can be diluted with five parts water to irrigate your garden or lawn. Not only does this minimise water loss from your pool, but it also saves you money on fertilisers and irrigation (magnesium and potassium are both beneficial for root growth and crop yield).

Pool Fact: Unlike MagnaPool, all other mineral pools contain salt (sodium), which means that they aren’t suitable for use in the garden – not even with dilution (unless you have salt-tolerant plants or trees!).


Myth #13: It has less chlorine than a traditional pool

FALSE. Some mineral pool companies suggest that their systems only produce a small amount of chlorine. But the truth is that all pools, mineral or otherwise – including MagnaPool – must have 1–3 ppm of chlorine for correct sanitation, this is the Australian standard for outdoor swimming pools. Any less and your pool would not be able to kill off algae and bacteria. This would result in cloudy pool water and unsafe swimming conditions.
When it comes to chlorine, the biggest problem isn’t the chemical itself but chloramines. And since MagnaPool’s glass media and unique blend of minerals provide unparalleled filtration, these compounds are reduced by up to 40 per cent, so you won’t experience the unpleasant side effects normally associated with chlorine pools.



There are plenty of mineral pool systems out there, and it can be difficult separating the green from the greenwash. We hope our myth busters have helped you understand a bit more about MagnaPool, the claims that are being made and how we compare with other pool sanitation systems.

In our opinion, and the tens of thousands of MagnaPool users buying or converting to a MagnaPool mineral system is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Not only does it offer therapeutic benefits, unparalleled clarity and luxuriously soft water, but it can also help you save on running costs and maintenance.

To find out more about MagnaPool, contact one of our MagnaPool specialists or check out our Pool Blog.

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