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Does A Mineral Pool Make A Good Investment?

Excited to explore the benefits of a mineral pool? Think about these questions to see if it's a wise investment for your home:

  • How often will I use my pool?
  • Will I be home enough to give my pool regular maintenance?

        Are you prepared to invest time and effort into maintaining your pool? Regular upkeep is essential to keep it in optimal condition.

  • Do I have room for a pool?

        Evaluate your property to determine if you have adequate space for a pool, depending on the size and layout of your backyard.

  • Can I afford the initial and ongoing costs of a pool?

        Pools come with both initial and ongoing expenses. Can your budget accommodate the costs associated with pool construction, maintenance fees, and potential repairs?

If you find yourself confidently answering YES to these questions, then it's time to explore the benefits of a mineral pool system.

Do you consider your health a good investment?

Australia's scorching climate often beckons us to seek refuge in the pool. A dip in the pool is a simple yet effective way to beat the heat, but spending too much time in the pool has bigger physical effects than pruney fingers and toes. Traditional chlorine and saltwater pool systems have large quantities of chlorine to keep harmful bacteria at bay. You can imagine just how strong chlorine has to be to achieve this, so when we immerse ourselves in chlorinated waters, we unwittingly subject our bodies to potential skin and eye irritations, hair and nail issues, and even affect our breathing.


Side effect of chlorine

Using natural minerals like magnesium and potassium, mineral pools convert them into small doses of chlorine to sanitise water without synthetic chemical filtration, preventing bacteria and algae. If you think your health is something to invest in, let's give 1 point to the mineral pool system.

Do you consider your time a good investment?

If you're someone who values your time and would instead be lying on a deck chair beside the pool than constantly cleaning it, then it's time to consider the benefits of a mineral pool system.

One of the most compelling reasons to consider a mineral pool system is its significantly reduced maintenance requirements, both in the short and long haul, compared to its high-chemical counterparts.

This is due to the fact that mineral pool systems require fewer additional components when compared to traditional chlorine or saltwater pool systems. Advanced filtration efficiency Mineral pools like MagnaPool utilise recycled glass filter media with fine porosity filtration capabilities. This advanced filtration system removes even the tiniest particles from your pool.

As a result, you'll find yourself spending less time sweeping your pool of dirt and debris. Natural flocculation properties Another advantage of mineral pools lies in their use of essential earth minerals, such as potassium and magnesium. These minerals have inherent flocculation abilities, effectively filtering out tiny remnants from your pool water. On the other hand, traditional chlorine and saltwater systems would require a pool flocculant or clarifier to achieve a similar level of water clarity.

Do you consider your money a good investment?

When it comes to setting up a mineral pool, the essential equipment required remains the same as any conventional pool system: a pool pump, filter, pH balance maintenance and a pool cleaner. However, there are distinct advantages that make mineral pools a compelling choice:

  • Reduced dependency on chemicals

One of mineral pools' standout benefits is their reduced reliance on traditional pool chemicals. This translates into ongoing cost savings for pool owners. While conventional pools demand a regular dose of chemicals to maintain water quality, mineral pools harness the power of nature to achieve a balanced, inviting swimming environment.

  • Innovative filtration with Zodiac filter crystals

MagnaPool uses Zodiac filter crystals instead of traditional sand or zeolite filtration. This innovative approach enhances water quality and improves energy efficiency. Glass media filtration can result in up to 65% less water wastage during backwashing, leading to a substantial reduction in the water bill over time.

  • Protection for the pool equipment

Mineral pools, particularly those like MagnaPool that are free of salt and maintain lower chlorine levels, are gentler on pool equipment and features. This reduced chemical exposure helps prevent erosion and deterioration, ultimately saving you money on equipment replacements.

  • Property value enhancement

Beyond the immediate benefits of cost savings and equipment protection, a swimming pool has the potential to increase the property's value. While measuring increased property value is complicated, in Australia, particularly the bigger cities like Sydney and Melbourne, "a stylish finished pool adds to a property's overall appeal." As a result, investing in a mineral pool can elevate both your poolside experience and your property's market value.

By investing in a mineral pool system, you not only reduce the time and effort required for maintenance but also minimise the need for additional chemical treatments. This saves you money and enhances your overall pool experience, allowing you to relax and enjoy the pool more. It's about considering the long term advantages, such as chemical reliance, water conservation, equipment longevity, and the potential to enhance the property value.

If you want to enjoy benefits like silkier hair, softer skin, a more relaxed mind, less time spent cleaning, a longer lifespan for your pool equipment, and cost savings, then getting a mineral pool system is a great investment. You can easily find your nearest MagnaPool specialist to organise your new mineral pool system.