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Does A Mineral Pool Make A Good Investment?

If you don’t already have a pool, it’s worth asking first whether a pool full stop is a good home investment for you. Ask yourself:

  • How often will I use my pool?
  • Will I be home enough to give my pool regular maintenance?
  • Do I have room for a pool?
  • Can I afford the initial and ongoing costs of a pool?

If you answered these questions with an easy yes, then let us talk about the mineral pool system.

Do you consider your health a good investment?

Australia is a hot country and it feels refreshing to spend the hotter days in the pool. A pool is one of the simpler ways to keep body temp down but spending too much time in the pool has bigger physical effects than pruney fingers and toes. 

Traditional chlorine and saltwater pool systems have large quantities of chlorine which prevents harmful bacteria. You can recognise just how strong chlorine has to be in order to achieve this, so when we soak in chlorine, we can experience skin and eye irritations, effects on our hair and nails and even effects on our breathing.

Side effect of chlorine

On the other hand, a mineral pool uses natural minerals like magnesium and potassium that are converted into small doses of chlorine. This then sanitises pool water without utilising synthetic chemical filtration and prevents bacteria and algae. 

If you think that your health is something to invest in, let's give 1 point to the mineral pool system. 

Do you consider your time a good investment?

If you value your time and would prefer to be spending more time lying on a deck chair beside the pool rather than cleaning it - let's add another point to the mineral pool system. 

Maintenance requirements for mineral pool systems are significantly less both in the short and long-term compared to their high-chemical counterparts. This is because mineral pool systems require less added components than traditional chlorine or saltwater pool systems. 

  • Mineral pools, like the MagnaPool®, use recycled glass filter media which provide fine porosity filtration, removing the tiniest of particles from your pool. This efficiency means less time sweeping your pool of dirt and debris.
  • Mineral pools also use essential earth minerals, like potassium and magnesium which have inherent floccing abilities to filter out tiny remnants from your pool. Traditional chlorine and saltwater systems would require a pool flocculant or clarifier to get the same effect.

Do you consider your money a good investment?

The essential equipment for a mineral pool is the same as any pool system, meaning you'll still need a pool pump, filter, pH balance maintenance and a pool cleaner. However:

  • Mineral pools require less added components like chemicals, saving ongoing costs.
  • MagnaPool® uses Zodiac filter crystals, as opposed to sand or zeolite filtration. Glass media filtration increases energy efficiency and can save up to 65% of water through more efficient backwashing and therefore decrease your regular water bill.
  • Because the MagnaPool® is free of salt and has significantly less chlorine than other systems, your pool equipment and features aren’t susceptible to erosion. Again, saving you money on replacements.
  • A swimming pool full stop has every capacity to increase the value of your property. While measuring increased property value is complicated, in Australia, particularly the bigger cities like Sydney and Melbourne, “a stylishly finished pool adds to a property’s overall appeal” (Chadwick Real estate) and therefore increases the demand of the property itself.


So, if you consider silkier hair, softer skin, a relaxed state of mind, more time swimming and less time cleaning, longer lasting pool equipment and cost savings a good investment, we believe we have answered the question. Locate your nearest MagnaPool specialist to organise your new mineral pool system.

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