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Chlorine vs. Saltwater vs. Mineral - What's the difference?

If you’re thinking about getting a pool, or switching to a different pool sanitation system, there a few options to consider. The most popular options are traditional chlorine, saltwater systems and mineral systems. So, what exactly is the difference?


Traditional Chlorine

Traditional chlorine is the most common way to sanitise pool water. Chlorinated pools are maintained by regularly adding in chlorine, which then break down into chemicals which clean your pool. This is generally done on a weekly basis, either using:

  1. Chlorine Tablets
  2. Granular Chlorine
  3. Liquid Chlorine

Traditional 2



A common misconception about saltwater pool systems is that they contain no chlorine, however, saltwater pools have just enough chlorine to maintain a healthy pool environment. This happens in a machine called a chlorinator through a process called electrolysis which generates chlorine from the salt in the water as it passes through the electrolytic cell, which then sanitises the pool water. 

Saltwater 2



Similar to a saltwater pool, in that, a chlorinator is required to generate chlorine from the minerals instead of straight salt. However, a mineral pool contains naturally occurring minerals that enhance the swimming experience, through greater levels of comfort to skin, eyes and hair. Most all mineral systems will have some amount of salt.

Mineral 1



Similar to a mineral pool, in that electrolysis is required to generate chlorine from the minerals instead of straight salt. However, MagnaPool is the only system that doesn’t require any salt. It is the only no salt mineral pool system available. As such it doesn’t leave any residue on the skin and you can walk out of your pool and not need a shower to remove the smell or stickiness.

MagnaPool 1


If you think one of these systems sounds best suited to your needs, check out your nearest MagnaPool dealer.


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