Converting Salt Water Pool to Mineral Pool | MagnaPool®

Converting a Salt Water Pool

What To Do

Below you'll find step-by-step instructions on what you need to do in order to convert your salt water pool into a MagnaPool®.

If you have difficulty in performing any of these tasks, use our locator tool to find your nearest MagnaPool® specialist, who will be able to assist you. Alternatively you can contact us anytime.

MagnaPool Converting a Salt Water Pool

1. Fit the Hydroxinator in place of your current chlorinator and fit the electrolytic cell where your current cell is (or another suitable place on the plumbing line). Any reputable pool care professional can do this and it’s relatively inexpensive.

2. Ensure you have a media filter, they generally come in thermoplastic or fibreglass and most media filters use sand.

3. Change the sand over to glass media. Removing the sand from a filter will require a specialist and any reputable pool care professional can assist you. Once the filter is empty of sand the glass media can be loaded. Using coarse glass on the bottom of the filter (just enough to cover the laterals is sufficient) and then the rest is filled with fine glass. This combination of coarse and fine allows for the best filtration and backwashing capabilities.

4. Get a TDS test done as you may need to remove some water from your pool. Your TDS will need to come down to at least 1,500ppm before you can add in the appropriate amount of minerals. Most saltwater pools will have a TDS of around 4,500-5,000ppm, so if you have a TDS of 4,500ppm you will need to remove 2/3rds of the pool water first, then refill with fresh water. If you have a TDS higher than 4,500ppm, it is recommended you drain your pool entirely, and then refill with fresh water. Please note that draining your pool is a delicate process due to hydrostatic pop, which can damage your pool shell. This process will require specialist assistance from a reputable pool builder.

5. Get a salinity and/or TDS test done to determine how many bags of minerals need to be added to your pool. Your pool shop or pool professional can quickly and easily do this for you.

6. Based upon the above measurements, you simply need to add in the appropriate amount of minerals and switch on your filtration equipment. Use our Quick Calculator tool below to determine how many bags of MagnaPool® minerals you will need.

7. Once you’ve added the right amount of MagnaPool® minerals, let the system run for at least 24hrs non-stop to get proper circulation and dilution. You may notice some foaming appear during this start-up phase, this is part of the process. After 24hrs has passed you can jump in and start enjoying your new MagnaPool®!

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