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Convert an Existing Pool
into a MagnaPool®

The 3 essentials
for retrofitting
a pool

Do you own a saltwater or chlorine pool and want to convert to a MagnaPool®? It is possible to experience the difference with just a few changes, plus it’s recommended that you do a full water analysis prior to converting your pool to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Convert an existing pool

Components of the MagnaPool® system

These components make up the MagnaPool® system. Each element offers its own benefits. But, when all three are combined, the result is truly amazing.

Hydroxinator® iQ PRO

Climate care certified

Hydroxinator® iQ pH

Climate care certified

Hydroxinator® iQ

Climate care certified

MagnaPool® Minerals

Climate care certified

Crystal Clear - Glass Filtration Media

Climate care certified

MagnaPool® Test Strips

Climate care certified

How to convert an existing chlorine or salt water pool

Minerals to Add

Use this calculator to determine how many bags of MagnaPool® minerals to add to your Zodiac MagnaPool® system.