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MagnaPool® Reviews

What MagnaPool® customers are saying

We understand that a pool is a big investment for a family. We also know that when you install a new MagnaPool®, or convert an existing pool into a MagnaPool®, you won’t regret it. 

How do we know this? Because our customers tell us so. Around the world, and here in Australia, thousands of people are enjoying the many benefits of swimming in a MagnaPool®. Watch the video or read some of our magnesium pool reviews below to learn what makes MagnaPool® so unique.

Alternatively, if you want to tell us about your experience with MagnaPool®, you can submit a review here.

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“Hi, I’m Chris Shapland and I’ve been a swimmer for a long time. And I love my MagnaPool®!”


How long have you had your MagnaPool®?

Danielle Boldiston: “I’ve had my MagnaPool® for 4 years now.”

Catherine Willacy: “It will be 3 years this October.”

Frank Baars: “Two-two and a half years.”

Carla Hulse: “Nearly a year and a half now.”


How would you review MagnaPool®?

Amanda Spelta: “From my first swim, I was hooked.”

Chris Shapland: “It’s so easy to maintain.”

Placid Pools: “Once they had a MagnaPool®, nobody had anything bad to say about it.”

Catherine Willacy: “Everyone who comes is sceptical and they swim in it and they’re convinced!”


What is MagnaPool®?

MagnaPool® is a complete system to provide a comfortable and good experience for the end user. Magnesium has many health benefits and is known to have healing qualities and is very good for the skin.

Danielle Boldiston: “The minerals make my skin feel clean and fresh, I don’t need to have a shower and wash my hair. It doesn’t make your hair feel horrible.”

Amanda Spelta: “I think the first thing I noticed was that when I got out, my hair – I didn’t have to wash my hair.”

Carla Hulse: “The hair feels silkier.”


How does the water feel on your skin?

Frank Baars: “It’s not like a normal chlorine, which is actually quite harsh.”

Placid Pools: “It’s a lifestyle choice. If you’ve got any skin conditions – eczema or anything like that – it’s going to be great for that as well.”

Carla Hulse: “We find that the kids don’t get any soreness through their eyes. Our skin feels conditioned rather than dried as we’re getting out of the pool.”

Esther: “We have a few kids with eczema and they can swim all year round.”

Catherine Willacy: “I do suffer a little from psoriasis and when I’m swimming regularly, it’s not there.”

Shapland Swim Schools: “For a long time, we’ve been looking for a situation where we didn’t lose teachers through skin conditions. And that’s very common in the industry, to have teachers have rashes and skin conditions. And we had the opportunity to have a MagnaPool® and I must admit that we’ve never had a teacher leave or lost a really good teacher because of a skin condition.”


Pool maintenance

Placid Pools: “In this day and age, most people are time poor and they want something that’s easy to look after. So I’m always suggesting to go for the mineral pool. The MagnaPool® Systems are made conveniently, they are a self-clean type of installation, so you don’t have to clean it yourself all the time. So they sort of look after themselves.”


What about the environment?

The potassium and the magnesium in the pool are very good for the environment. So when it comes to backwashing, you’ll actually see the grass growing greener and more luscious.

Danielle Boldiston: “I just have a waste pipe that goes straight into the garden. It doesn’t cause any problems to the plants, they like it. The plants look great.”

Zodiac recommends diluting your backwash before using it on the garden. Please note you must abide by local council laws regarding backwash waste.

Chris Shapland: “I haven’t had to backwash my pool for 2 years. And when I do, it will definitely be going into the garden.”

What is your overall Magna Pool Review?

Catherine Willacy: “There are so many things to enjoy about a MagnaPool®!”

Danielle Boldiston: “If I had to sum up MagnaPool® in one or two words, I would use ‘refreshing’ and ‘natural’.”

*PLEASE NOTE: You must abide by your local council regulations regarding the treatment of backwash water waste.

“MagnaPool® was the best decision we made regarding type of pool. The water is always crystal clear and refreshing – you feel great after a swim, your skin and hair feels soft, your tired muscles no longer ache and maintenance is a breeze. We love it!”

Therese Wales, NSW

MagnaPool Review
Magnapool review

“Our family love our MagnaPool®! Aside from the easy maintenance of our pool, and the great service we get from Kassandra, the best part is how clean the water feels and knowing the health properties of a MagnaPool®. Another bonus is after a swim, there is no smell or residue feeling on the skin.”

Barb Buda, QLD

“It feels like I’m swimming in clear mineral water with no smell and no salt or chlorine taste.”

Peter Carr, NSW

MagnaPool Review
MagnaPool Review

“We love swimming in our MagnaPool®. There is no smell of chemicals when we get out and best of all there is no need to rinse any chlorine off your skin or togs. It’s also great that we only need to put chemicals in a few times a year. It’s really low maintenance.”

Marlene Clark, QLD

“It’s always a wonderful feeling when the water is so fresh and clean.”

Kylie Liwrey, NSW

MagnaPool Review
MagnaPool review

“We’ve had the MagnaPool® since the beginning of summer. We really like the crystal clear water and the fact that it doesn’t smell “chlorine-y”. Also I can open my eyes underwater and not have them hurt or get bloodshot. It also seems to be gentler on our hair. We would and have recommended it to others.”

Bob Otjen, QLD

“I adore my MagnaPool®. My skin is improved after swimming and it’s not necessary to shower afterwards, as the longer I allow the minerals to be absorbed into my body, the better. As a blonde I dreaded swimming in chlorine pools and would always wash my hair straight after, but it’s not necessary with a MagnaPool®.”

Felicity Grant

MagnaPool review
MagnaPool Review

“Our child suffers from severe eczema and the pool water chemicals at his swimming lessons aggravated his skin. He always needed barrier cream applied before hand and a shower straight after. Since attending lessons in a MagnaPool®, his skin is not as dry and itchy afterwards, and it’s no longer essential for him to shower straight away.”

Katrina & Ross McDougall, QLD

“My MagnaPool® makes me feel refreshed after every swim. You don’t need to have a shower when you get out, and it looks good all the time. The minerals help my muscles relax after a workout and it just feels better. I recommend MagnaPool® to everyone.”

Danielle Boldiston, QLD

Magnapool review
Magnapool review

“I love my MagnaPool® because of the feeling you get. My skin isn’t dry and I don’t even have to wash my hair after I swim. Actually I’ve become a bit of a pool snob because I don’t like swimming in anything other than a MagnaPool®.”

Amanda Spelta, QLD

“My daughter has moderate eczema and we couldn’t continue her swimming lessons in a chlorinated pool as, after just one lesson, her skin became inflamed. We enrolled her in swimming lessons at Shaplands Everton Park because of its MagnaPool®. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to flare my daughter’s eczema.”

Esther, QLD

MagnaPool review
Sally Dommett (Swim school owner), QLD

“I wanted a pool that would be gentle for our swim instructors and since we’ve had MagnaPool® we haven’t lost a single teacher to skin irritations. We have parents that bring their kids here specifically because we have a MagnaPool®.”

Sally Dommett (Swim school owner), QLD

“When I heard that MagnaPool® uses glass media filtration with magnesium and potassium minerals, I was interested. I just love its ease of maintenance. The main benefit for me is that it’s trouble free. The water feels soft, is crystal clear and I don’t need to wear goggles. I would definitely recommend MagnaPool®.”

Chris Shapland, QLD

MagnaPool review
MagnaPool review

“I love the environmental benefits of MagnaPool®. The water is always crystal clear and it’s so easy to maintain. It’s just so comfortable to be in. We run a small B&B and the guests love the feeling and often remark how soft the water feels on their skin and eyes. I recommend MagnaPool® to all our guests.”

Frank Baars, QLD

“It’s like the difference between a Holden and a Jaguar – you get what you pay for. I love what it does for my skin, there’s no chlorine smell and my hair doesn’t get tangled. I suffer from a little psoriasis and when I regularly swim in my MagnaPool® my condition clears up. My MagnaPool® is awesome. I would recommend MagnaPool® to anybody.”

Catherine Willacy, QLD

Magnapool review
MagnaPool Review

“The great benefits of MagnaPool® are for skin conditions and relaxing after exercising. My son and I have eczema, so it was one of the reasons we chose MagnaPool®. Our skin feels conditioned rather than dry, and our hair feels silkier. The feeling on the skin is wonderful and there is no chlorine smell like you get with other ‘normal’ pools.”

Carla Hulse, QLD

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