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Pool Pumps

The Heart of Your Pool

The role of a pool pump is to keep your water healthy by pushing it through the filter and back out into the pool again. Our FloPro™ Pumps are designed to deliver outstanding performance and greater efficiency year after year for your MagnaPool®. Suitable for either light commercial or domestic use, FloPro™ pumps are complete with a single or variable speed option. Customers can choose form the FloPro™ SS series or the more powerful and energy efficient FloPro™ VS series, dependant on the hydraulic requirements of the pool.

The pump components are moulded from tough, corrosion-proof engineering resins for extra durability, encasing a heavy-duty weatherproof motor with built-in thermal overload protection. These energy efficient pool pumps have been specifically designed for Australian weather conditions and are the recommended pump to use for your MaganPool®.

Pool filters

FloPro Single Speed Pumps - e1

The FloPro™ SS is the quiet achiever and is capable of servicing domestic pools of up to 120,000 litres. It emits low noise while in operation, which means you don’t have to worry about noise disruption if it has to be installed close to living areas. The clear view strainer cover lets you see when its extra-large strainer basket needs cleaning and it’s easy to install thanks to its quick connection/disconnection adaptor. Another plus is its self-alignment functionality which allows for easy plumbing in either 40mm or 50mm.

FloPro Variable Speed Pumps – e3 & ePump

FloPro™ VS Pumps are available in either three speed or complete variable eight speed. FloPro™ VS Pumps are precision built and designed to deliver high performance in applications where higher than normal head pressure conditions exist. With the ability to adjust the speeds to suit your pool requirements, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re saving water as well as dollars on energy costs. Constructed of tough robust materials, these pumps are durable, lightweight and corrosion proof.

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