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Pool Filters

Essential for Every Pool

Our range of filters are designed to be robust and durable. Suitable for either light commercial or domestic use they are available in either Thermoplastic or Fibreglass variations and in a range of sizes for greatest hydraulic efficiency.

The size of the filter required will depend on the size of your MagnaPool®. Refer to the table below for more information.

Pool Filters

Fibreglass Filters

Zodiac Titan Series Fibreglass Sand Pool Filters have been specifically designed for Australian Conditions. They have a durable construction to extend the life of the filter. The body of the unit consists of two layers: an inner tank is made from food grade polyethylene, and an external tank from strong woven fibreglass. Their highly efficient and robust design makes them suitable for small to large residential pools. They are suitable for all brand domestic pool pumps and are available in the following models: 21”, 25”, 28”, 32”, 36”.

Thermoplastic Filters

Good quality, basic sand filter with corrosion and UV resistant thermoplastic outer casing, this Titan range of products is user friendly and requires minimal maintenance. The body is constructed from food grade polyethylene which is both corrosion and UV resistant. They are suitable for all brand domestic pool pumps and are available in the following models: 21”, 25”, 28”.

Cartridge Filters

Under certain circumstances, Zodiacs high-performance cartridge filters may be the only workable solution, this could be due to council regulations or the geographic layout of the pool site. In these instances, the large cluster CV series cartridge filters are suitable for mid to large size pools, for smaller plunge pools the Zodiac single element CS series cartridge filters are a great alternative. Please note however that the filter pressure will need to be monitored and the filter elements cleaned as required. 

Technical specifications

Description Mid Hydrox Large Hydrox
Sanitizer Output capacity 25 grm/hr 35 grm/hr
Maximum* average pool size (litres) 70000 100000
Plumbing 40mm or 50mm (reducers provided)
Operating mineral level minimum 5000ppm
Warranty on power pack and cell 3 year power pack and cell
Quantity of minerals required = 6 Bags/10000L (10kg bags)
Recommended bags of media (15kg/bag) Coarse Glass Fine Glass
21″ Filter 1 Bag 3 Bags
25″ Filter 2 Bags 5 Bags
28″ Filter 3 Bags 8 Bags
32″ Filter 5 Bags 13 Bags
36″ Filter 6 Bags 17 Bags
*Based on a warm weather climate. Adjust for cooler or hotter climates.
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