MagnaPool Technology


The MagnaPool™ Hydroxinator is a fully automated system with touch pad interface and a microprocessor controller.

The Reverse Polarity electrode system will help protect the cells plates and prolong the life of your MagnaPool™ Hydroxinator. The automatic Mineral Level Monitor will detect when mineral levels are low by alerting you to make changes. Features also include: Variable Sanitizer Output, Boost Mode, Low Mode, in built pump protection, on board troubleshooting and digital controls


Filter Crystals are made from 100% recycled fused silicon dioxide. Filter Crystals are a type of filtration media that acts as a direct replacement for sand or zeolite. This product can be used not only for swimming pools but for commercial industry as well. Some of the many benefits of Crystals include:

Health Benefits

Sand Filters are known to house many potentially harmful varieties of bacteria, one of the most common forms being Legionella. Tests prove that regular sand filters provide a breeding ground for such bacteria to thrive in. The smooth unique surface of  Crystals discourages bacteria from attaching itself to the glass. This results in a healthier filter tank that is safer for you and your family.


Environmental Benefits

When compared to regular sand, Crystal filtration media can save up to 65% of water through more efficient backwashing. This is due to the larger spaces between the particles which allows for a more efficient water flow. This efficiency will also result in a reduction of electrical power required, lowering the amount of carbon emissions sent into our environment.


FloPro SS and FloPro VS pool and spa pumps are designed to deliver outstanding performance and greater efficiency every time. Suitable for domestic use, FloPro SS and FloPro VS are complete with a single or variable speed options. Customers chose the FloPro SS series of pumps or the more energy efficient FloPro VS series dependant on the hydraulic requirements of the pool.


The Titan Series Filter Tanks are designed for domestic and commercial installation with industrial strength polymer for strength and durability.

Additional features include:

  • One piece seamless rotationally moulded tank designed for maximum strength.
  • High quality fittings and valves designed and built for durability and reliability in all conditions.

Available in both Thermoplastic and FIbreglass you can be assured to find the right filter for your pool.

The Titan Series Filters are available as part of your MagnaPool Package